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From its sheltered rocky seaside cove, Combe Martin runs for some two miles up a sheltered valley on the North Devon coast. Combe Martin comes from the name 'combe' - a wooded valley - and from the Norman family Martin, who inherited the local manor from one of the followers of William the Conqueror. As the years passed, the village lacked a squire like the neighbouring villages which somehow made it different in character to the other villages. 

Combe Martin can be found on the edge of Exmoor National Park, which in itself can provide a whole range of different tastes for visitors. 

The village claims to have the longest main street of any village in the country - the street winds along the valley, or combe, for over two miles. Walking up the main street you will find the 17th century castle and the 13th century church of St Peter ad Vincular. The southern door of this red sandstone building has a Sanctuary Ring. It is said criminals who clutched it would be saved from arrest and imprisonment - as long as they confessed their crimes and left the country. 

The Pack of Cards Inn was built in 1626 by a George Ley of Marwood, to celebrate a large win at cards. The inn has 52 windows - one for each card in the pack, and four floors - each with 13 doors.

We have a variety of shops in our coastal village, from lifestyle clothing and surf wear shops to gift shops and local amenities. 

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