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The city of Exeter has a wealth of things to do and see. The most southwesterly Roman settlement, they named Exeter 'Isca Dumnoniorium' which came from the Celtic word 'Eisca' meaning 'river full of fish'. It is full of character, and as you can see, steeped in history. Exeter has over 600 shops, including open-air markets, quaint antique and curio shops, collectors fairs and of course the large high street department stores, the most recent development being the Princesshay Shopping Centre. Whilst it offers all the facilities of a large city, Exeter has many examples of outstanding architecture and buildings. The city is surrounded by the lush green Devon countryside, all within a few minutes drive of the centre.

Did you know.....Exeter University was founded in 1955 and the Times League Table ranks it 12th out of more than 100 universities. 

One of Exeter's most unusual relocations took place at 16 Edmund Street on 9th December 1961. Today 'The House that Moved', West Street, Exeter is one of the city's oldest town houses. The Marchant House, a 21-ton, medieval timber-framed house was lifted, then strapped onto rollers and pushed to its new position on the corner of West Street.
Exeter is the oldest recorded city in the southwest and the most southwesterly Roman settlement in Britain.Little Book Of Devon

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