Belmont Park, Exeter

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Belmont Park and Pleasure Grounds is easily accessible from Belmont Road and Blackboy Road.  Seating is provided and open spaces are available for picnics.  The park also features a large dog free zone with equipment for younger and older children.

Belmont Sensory Garden In 1939, England's first garden intended especially for the blind was opened at the eastern corner of the park.  In 2007 this aspect of the park was restored. Landscaping in the new Belmont Sensory Garden follows three main themes of stimulating scent, colour, and texture with variations of bark and stem types. Daphne, Chamomile, Mint and Lilacs offer tantalizing scents to visitors. Floral Sweetbox or Sarcococca confusa is in the garden to compliment the herbal element. While Bergenias, Penstemons, a mixture of ferns and other herbaceous plants provide a variety of sights and smells throughout the year. Plants with engaging textures or prominent seed heads have also been woven into the mix. 

As the site develops, the plants and herbs are kept at eye level and arms reach in order to enhance the tactile and visual experience.

The garden also features four hand-painted picnic tables decorated by local artist Ruth Oakley and Newtown resident Gay Smith. Part a community-funded tribute to two Newtown residents, each table shows images of the seasons.

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