Broad Bean Hummus

Broad Bean Hummus Picture 1

Makes about 1 cup of hummus


Normally made with chick peas, garbanzo beans to Americans, this fresh bean version is not so surprising as the two beans are related.

Feel free to adjust amounts according to your pile of beans and taste. The blending process should take care of the leathery skins should your beans be slightly older.


In a food processor or blender mix:

250 g podded broad beans, lightly cooked

1 large clove garlic, crushed

1 tsp cumin seeds (or powdered cumin)

handful of snipped chives or parsley

glug of olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


Blend all together until smooth, stirring down a few times to incorporate the bean skins. They will disappear with enough blending.  Taste and adjust flavour and texture: You may wish to add any of the following:

Juice of half a lemon to sharpen the flavour

water to thin the texture

pinch of smoked paprika

Tbsp or two of plain yogurt to lighten the mixture


Spoon into a serving dish and top with a dusting of paprika for added colour. Use as a dip for raw vegetables and toasted pita bread triangles or as a vegan sandwich filler (without the yogurt).

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