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Search around the park and you will find the features you would expect to find - play areas, sports areas, pleasant walks - and often a surprise.

The restoration of Devonport Park was made possible after grants were awarded by the The Heritage and Big Lottery Funds after a successful bid submitted jointly by Plymouth City Council and the Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership (DRCP).

Plymouth City Council, co-ordinated the bid, working closely with the DRC Partnership and the local community. The success of this bid was to a large degree dependent upon the council demonstrating that the restoration had widespread public support which was gained through comprehensive public consultations and the involvement of groups such as the Friends of Devonport Park who, were formed for exactly that purpose in late 2005.

The intention was to restore the Park and create a ‘People’s Park’ – a term by which the original park was known – with amenities suitable for the modern era. This was a major project, initiated in 2006 and not completed until 2012.

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