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As Described in Emma Mansfield's Little Book Of Devon She Says "Lundy Island, North Devon, is England's first Marine Conservation Zone and home to some of Britain's most unique and endangered species".

The island of Lundy lies 11 miles off the North Devon coast in the Bristol Channel (a 2.5-hour ferry ride away). The island is a rocky granite outcrop, three miles long anf a half mile wide. The island is probably most famous as part of the shipping forecast. Lundy Island is the biggest island in the Bristol Channel and is managed by Landmark Trust. To get to Lundy you have to take a boat or helicopter ride. Many make a day trip of it and some make a stay of it. If you are staying over, Lundy has 134 beds for visitors and their campsite can manage another 40. Last year over 16,500 people visited the island (but not all at once, that's nearly 600 times the resident population!).
And as for Devon air: lichen research carried out by Lundy Island by biologists and lichenologists, Dr Barbara Hilton and Dr Ann Allen, confirmed that the southwest has the cleanest air in Great Britain. Lundy Island has hundreds of different varieties of lichen including some very rare ones which can only thrive in the cleanest fresh air.


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