Stoke Woods, Exeter

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If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Exeter city centre then this is a great place to come and walk your dog and explore the woods following the two way-marked trails. It also contains some of the oldest and largest trees in Exeter.

Over the next few years we will be removing the non-native conifer to allow native broadleaved trees to reclaim the entire wood. This work has already begun, bringing about a dramatic change in the look of the woods.

Stoke Woods has provided valuable building timber over the centuries. Boundary banks can still be seen at various intervals cutting through the wood. These are the remains of medieval coppice boundary banks, which were built when the woodlands would have been well organised to take advantage of the woodland’s productivity, with wooded commons, wood pasture for stock feeding and timber, and enclosed woods for timber and fuel.

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Stoke Woods

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