Survival Paintball

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We provide everything that you need including high quality weapons, ammunition, full face safety goggles and freshly laundered overalls.

We have eight woodland playing areas featuring Aztec Temple and the Village. Land marks include a church, bridges, trenches, barricades, war pill boxes, towers, missile complex and even a satellite station so you will have plenty to explore in combat.


You will not find a paintball site to match ours - based entirely in twenty acres of natural woodland, Survival Paintball is a truly awesome games arena where everyone can enjoy the paintball experience.

With 25 years of experience (since 1988), state of the art equipment and focus on safety means players of all ages and abilities can get on with the serious business of having fun.

We are the biggest paintball site in North Devon catering for up to 150 players.  We have eight woodland playing areas featuring bridges, trenches, barricades, pig pens and even a satellite station so you will have plenty to explore in combat.

Whatever your groups age, experience or fitness level we can provide a series of games to suit your needs and guarantee a fun and memorable time.  Come and join us for the paintball session of your life...

  • Eight woodland playing areas
  • Paintball Village and Temple games arenas
  • Semi-auto inferno paintball guns on air
  • Full face safety goggles
  • 20 acres of natural woodland
  • 25 years experience (since 1988)
  • Freshly laundered fatigues
  • Experienced, friendly marshals
  • BBQ facilities available
  • Access to a practice firing range

Lazer Games

Survival laser games is an outdoors all weather activity; play in natural woodlands with towers, bunkers and various buildings, where you can experience the adrenaline of laser combat, the game where everyone is equal.

On arriving you are kitted out with Camo overalls and camo face paint (if you want it), then a safety talk and how the laser guns work. The marshal will explain the game scenario and off to battle we go.

Laser game is totally safe and is great for schools, colleges and children parties, as well for adult’s party, stag, hens and ideal for corporate events.

  • Realistic sounding Hi- tech guns fire a harmless infra-red beam (similar to TV remote) to a range of 400 meters unless you have got a sniper gun at 600 meters.
  • Unlimited Ammo and lives and respawns.
  • Semi, burst fire of three shots, full auto.
  • On gun sight with a red dot.


Survival Airsoft has found its new home right here in North Devon, hosted in our expansive woodland games area with full on-site facilities and acres of grounds.  Site member of the UKARA.

Airsoft is a combat sport that originated in Japan, and was brought to the UK about 20 years ago.  It is now played in several different countries around the world.  Airsoft age limited is from 13 year’s old +.

Players use battery or gas operated replicas to fire spherical 6mm Bio degradable BB’S projectiles in competition with one another, similar to paintball. However, unlike paintball, these replicas look and feel like the real thing, and they are capable of semi and fully automatic fire.

Come along on are monthly air soft day, and join our scenario’s games, which can last from one hour to two hour’s for a game.  These battles can take place in our large village or capture and blow up the Missile base, or just play in the woods with a skirmishing game, CQB (close quarter battle) in fast action combat with lots of surprises.  Or arrange your own day with your mates.

If you need to hire an Airsoft gun we recommend that you book in early.  Alternately you are more than welcome to bring your own gear.

Rental guns are Ak47, M16, M4, G36c and comes with camo overalls and goggles. 

Contact Details

Southdown Woods
EX31 3LZ

Telephone: 01271 858279